300 Salvation Army Ladies retreated to the
Lord in New Hampshire, 2007
Greenware - Ready for firing
Equipping the Saints Workshop
(Bible School Teacher Conference)
Saturn Road, Texas
Lakeside in Manchester, TX 2006
My Cousin Diane McClooney's Ladies' Retreat
Dudley Chancey at Oklahoma Christian
University provides the Lord's Super to his
students with Peaceful Pottery.
My Dad and I enjoy working on Pottery together.
He'll be 86 on November 16, 2013.
850 Women learn about Holy Excitement at
Women Walking With God!
Peaceful attendees at the Saturn Rd Church of Christ Ladies' Retreat.
My Dad's favorite scripture is 1 Corinthians 15 because it tells the whole
story of the Gospel.
The Potter's Photo Album
Please enjoy the peaceful photo's from past events.  If you are planning as event, the photo's will help you visualize different venues.  Very little space is required the Potter's setup and stage.
Peaceful Pottery
Artist Nancy Harbron