Peaceful Pottery
Seminars have been delivered in a variety of formats and with different event agendas.
1. God Prepares Us - 60 minutes
2. God Shapes Us - 60 minutes
3. God Finishes Us to Serve Him According to His Purpose - 30 minutes

However, these sessions can be collapsed into two or even one session.  Since there are several scriptures,                                               
visual points, principles and lessons to share, the greatest benefits are delivered in the typical three session format.

A three session format can be delivered over a weekend retreat or conference setting, or in a single day or morning.  

What type of set up is required?
  • Space for the demonstration, about 8 by 5 feet of floor space
  • A table to put demonstration pieces
  • An extension cord for the wheel...and electricity
  • Water...about a gallon
  • 50 pounds of moist clay found local to the event
  • Seating arranged in a "U" shape around the demonstration space
  • Tables may be required for small group discussions, crafts, meals, meetings

What will you need to provide for a successful event?
  • An agenda that is meaningful to your audience
  • Adequate time allotment for the agenda
  • Advertising well in advance to generate enthusiasm
  • A Core team to help invite others
  • Prayer for the Lord's wisdom and discernment for His plan for your event
  • Your choice of possible ice breakers, crafts, songs, meals, small group discussions
Songs and Theme Music
1.        Have Thine Own Way
2.        Make Me New
3.        Refiner’s Fire
4.        My God and I
5.        I Am Mine No More
6.        More Holiness Give Me
7.        Purer In Heart, O God
8.        Servant Song

Ice Breaker Ideas
1. Pass a bag of M&Ms allowing each person to take a small handful.  After the bag goes around, have each person tell one thing about
themselves for every M&M taken.  Can be done in small groups.
2. Have each person bring their favorite piece of pottery to explain why within a group setting
3. Have each person bring a cup and saucer.  On a long table, place each on a piece of paper identified with a unique number.  Allow the
attendees to guess to whom each cup and saucer set belongs.

Additional tools provided upon request, such as
Cover Page for folders
Nancy's Biography
Small group questions
Quiet time devotional questions
Seminars and Tools
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11
Artist Nancy Harbron